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 This is Aszunes Pride.

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PostSubject: This is Aszunes Pride.   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:48 am

We are a PVE raiding guild on the European Server Aszune. The guild originated in 2005 and back then it was a social guild with 250+ members at the most. Alot of good players still on Aszune today started out in original Aszunes Pride.

As the guild grew and people started to get to 60 the demand for raids and progress came and in a fit of desperate lunacy the GM at the time merged the guild with another one in similar position, this proved to be a very bad move and pretty soon the original members were scattered to the winds. Many of us ended up in good raiding guilds and we got to do MC, BWL, AQ20, AQ40, ZG and Naxx. Then in august 2006 the core players from old Aszunes Pride met up and started AP again, mostly out of sentimental reasons coz we missed the non-pressure days so to speak.

Some of the players then went skippity hoppin from server to server and once again the great guild of AP was deserted except by a few brave souls that kept the guild alive. In the late summer of 2007 all the original member were once again on the same server and we all ended up in AP and this time its somewhat more serious, we have all been in almost every instance in the game except for some of the end-game ones and we just compliment eachother.

Now we're a raiding guild with a awesome track record, we went from starting Karazhan to killing the Prince in a week. We had all bosses up to and including curator on farm on our 3rd raid. Now AP is heading for bigger and better things and we are all enjoying the ride.
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This is Aszunes Pride.
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